A tattoo is a design that is permanently etched in the skin using needles and ink.  The word tattoo is derived from the Tahitian term “tatua”, which means “to mark.” Tattoos have been displayed by people of all cultures for centuries, but they have only recently gained social acceptance. Many tattoos have their own meanings, which is why some people may have a certain design to represent themselves through  what they do or have gone through in life or for someone else etc.

For example:

Butterfly: Metamorphosis, change, rebirth, souls, love, beauty
The Lion: strength, courage, protection.
The Dragon: Power, mysticism, wisdom, longevity
Stars: Shooting stars can mean good luck, many cultures give great importance to stars. Stars can serve as tools for navigation for sailors and travellers. Stars are also considered to be objects of power and wish granting. Different stars have different meaning.

There are many more other designs that have a meaning or resemble something. Although not everyone has to have a tattoo because it has a meaning some people just love the look of a piece of artwork and want to have it tattooed.



I visited The Ink Factory Tattoo about 2 weeks ago. They are brilliant :)
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